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Palo Alto Networks, is a global cybersecurity company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, the US.

The company builds cloud technology that helps people and organizations operate – they deliver innovation to empower secure digital transformation.

Its mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life and their
vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before.
Palo Alto has more than 80k customers and operates in over 150 countries.
Regarding the financial situation, Palo Alto’s billings rose from $771 million in fiscal 2014 up to $2.85
billion in fiscal 2018. In the first nine months of fiscal 2019, its billings rose 22.1% to $2.43 billion and
in 2020 it was around $3.4 billion.

Examples of Palo Alto’s products are:                                                                                          
Cortex XDR, Endpoint Protection Systems, it’s the detection and response platform that works on
integrated endpoint, network, and cloud data.                                                                               
Palo Alto Networks Global Protect Mobile Security Manager, Mobile Device Management
Software, where organizations can broaden consistent security policies to all users, and avoid
 remote access blindspots and support security.                                                                        
Prisma Cloud, and Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, empower a combined set of security
capabilities across the cloud-native technology stack, along with apps, data, network, compute,
storage, users, and PaaS services.

What’s more, Palo Alto Networks has partnered with Splunk to create a solution for reporting. The
solution integrates the log data from the next-generation firewall. Splunk App gives advanced
security reporting and analysis. Security administrators can filter next-generation firewall data in one
or two clicks, and then search incidents in minutes instead of days or hours which was very innovative.
Considering the culture of the Palo Alto company, according to, across 18 different
metrics overall culture at Palo Alto Networks is rated a B+ (75/100). Metrics such as Outlook,
Meetings, Team and Perks, and Benefits were ranked in the top culture dimensions. Palo Alto's mission,
Vision motivates 100% of Palo Alto Networks employees and 80% of employees said that the main
reason they work at Palo Alto Networks is because of its mission.
Palo Alto's main competitors are Zscaler, Juniper Networks, FireEye, Symantec, and Barracuda

On 9 th  of February 2021, an agreement was signed between Palo Alto and Cyber Security Training
Center of Excellence (Eksperckie Centrum Szkolenia Cyberbezpieczeństwa). Public Sector Managing
Director of Palo Alto Networks – Grzegorz Latosiński, emphasized the profits that the cooperation
with Palo Alto can bring to the development of the Polish Armed Forces. It will provide access to the
e-learning platforms and the most modern equipment and applications that our military will be able
to test and use in training soldiers.
Grzegorz Latosiński believes that the cooperation will contribute to further development and
increase in the number of specialists in the Polish market.