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Find here your employee

You have our support, advice, and feedback at any stage of recruitment.

Easy cooperation process:
You send us description of the open position you have (below)
If necessary we invite you for a meeting to discuss the details of the recruitment
One of our recruiters immediately starts searching your employee
We interview the candidate (technical and soft skills assessment)
You receive an in-depth report about our candidate
We wait for your feedback
We arrange next job interview with you
You hire our candidate
We help you with the onboarding of new employee(s)
You ask about next candidate

We are always ready to assist you in the choice of the best solution

Complete understanding of your unique situation

Save money and avoid the pitfalls of constantly changing prices. A single price for the entire recruitment process
No risk, no fee. You only pay if we deliver
You can now save money each month on the best recruitment.
We don’t just match individuals with jobs. Our recruitment service also takes care of the whole process after that. You will get not only candidates delivered but also expert advice, career tips, coaching for your employees. We can help you to go through the whole process of hiring foreign professionals

You have our support, advice and feedback at any stage of the recruitment. If you’re stuck, we’ll help you out. If you succeed, we’ll make sure you’re recognised.
If necessary you are supported also in coaching, team management, problem solving, periodic evaluation, psychological support(we cooperate with psychologists and psychotherapists):

One-on-one coaching with a consultant and action
plan tailored to your goals

Soft Skills Assessment

Ensures that you only spend time on the right candidates.
Reduces turnover and saves time on your hiring process by identifying the top candidates for your positions. Saves valuable on-the-job training time. Talent identification and development is a great business lever and can be the two biggest expense of a firm.