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There are 2.7 million openings for cybersecurity jobs globally.

Polish scientists are the first in the world to want to use artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks to detect pre-historic monuments, including cemeteries, castles, and settlements.

There's no question about it. Cyberattacks are neither slowing down nor getting less sophisticated. They are only growing in number and intensity.

In 2018 there were around 10.5 billion malware attacks. We can start wondering if it’s not too much for humans to handle.

Cybersecurity positions are in high demand and it doesn’t seem to be changed in the future. Cyber attacks are only becoming more and more common and harmful. In today’s information economy, information security is a vital element in the survival of commercial organizations.

In December 2020 Italian police arrested two people who had been employed at Leonardo, one of the leaders in Aerospace, Defence, and Security. They were suspected of hacking the Italian defense group’s computers to steal confidential information between 2015-2017.